A Family-Friendly Guide to Food & Wine on Kangaroo Island

The Winey Kids Family exploring Kangaroo Island Image © Winey Kids
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By Winey Mum

Without a doubt, Kangaroo Island is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Just a 45-minute ferry ride from Cape Jervis (a scenic 1.5 hour drive from Adelaide, or just an hour from McLaren Vale) this beautiful island is an ideal family holiday destination for those seeking outdoor adventure, wildlife in abundance, amazing scenery and plenty to explore!

It goes without saying that Kangaroo Island offers so much for kids, young and old. On our 4-night visit we enjoyed watching the pelicans being fed by “John the Pelican Man” at Kingscote Wharf (daily at 5pm, check admission prices and take cash), sandboarding at Little Sahara, getting close to wild seals and their babies at Seal Bay Conservation Park, and I even got to hold a Wedge-Tailed Eagle called Jack at Raptor Domain (whilst our Winey Kid still talks about the Magpie that had been trained to pick up litter!).

But beyond all the super cool outdoor, natured based activities that are fun for all the family, there is a side to Kangaroo Island that’s worth exploring – it’s food and wine. And even better news, we discovered this is VERY doable, even with kids in tow!

This list doesn’t cover everything – it’s simply the places we discovered during our 4-night stay on the island. Please feel free to share more family friendly experiences on Kangaroo Island in the comments below!

Dudley Wines

Arriving at family friendly Dudley Wines

Looking for a family friendly winery in one of the most idyllic locations on earth? I reckon you’re looking for Dudley Wines – Kangaroo Island! We spent a couple of hours at this beautiful winery, which would have to provide one of THE best views from a cellar door anywhere in the world.

We tried their wines, played duplo (great toy box inside the cellar door), enjoyed lunch including a kids menu (and activity pack), and even had a quick swing of golf! You can dine on the deck, or on the relaxed picnic tables on the lawn.

This place is a MUST DO stop for your whole family on your visit to Kangaroo Island.

Rockpool Cafe, Stokes Bay

Family friendly cafe at Stokes Bay

I’d asked for recommendations of things to do on Kangaroo Island as a family via our Facebook page, particularly relating to food and wine. Special thanks to the Winey Mum who suggested we visit the Rockpool Cafe Stokes Bay for the chocolate brownie! We did exactly that and it was delicious! But she didn’t mention they also serve wine?! Bonus! Brownie and Bubbles! We loved hanging out on the beach and the Winey Kid enjoyed an ice-cream and colouring in afterwards!

Pay them a visit once you’ve walked through the caves to find the beautiful beach! And check opening times before you head there because it’s a long drive if they’re closed! (and a long drive back without a brownie!)

Kangaroo Island Spirits

Lawn games at Kangaroo Island Spirits

We were pushing the patience of the Winey Baby but managed to squeeze in a visit to Kangaroo Island Spirits! A delicious tasting for the Winey Mum and Winey Dad made easier by the friendly staff, the toy box, the ice-cream and the lovely garden with games! We really enjoyed a relaxed hang-out on the lawns here. Beautiful!

Andermel Marron Cafe & Two Wheeler Creek Wines

Children's Menu on Kangaroo Island

We enjoyed a couple of hours at the Andermel Marron Cafe and Two Wheeler Creek Wines over lunchtime. It was a great all round experience with something for everyone. We all loved seeing and learning about the Marron farming, tasting the wines and eating a delicious lunch in the cafe. Happy parents with life made very much easier by a kids menu, colouring in, high chair, relaxed and friendly staff and Marron shaped biscuits!

The Oyster Farm

The Oyster Shop Kangaroo Island

Thanks to the Winey Mum who recommended via our Facebook page that we get takeaway oysters from The Oyster Farm Shop, Kangaroo Island during our visit. We loved getting a dozen Soy & Seaweed Oysters for lunch and devouring them at a picnic spot close by! Fine dining at a picnic spot is how this Winey Family likes to roll!

Clifford’s Honey Farm

Clifford's Honey Farm - fun for all the family

A recommended stop for any food loving family exploring Kangaroo Island is Clifford’s Honey Farm. As you’d expect at any honey farm, you can see bees doing there thing. Add to that a cute little gift shop with bee shaped cookies for the children and honey flavoured beer for the grown-ups and you’re winning!

Special thanks goes to SeaLink and the McLaren Vale Business Association for funding this trip as a result of Winey Kids winning the Best Business 2016 at the McLaren Vale Regional Business Awards!

Did you enjoy A Family-Friendly Guide to Food & Wine on Kangaroo Island?

Published: 24 Nov 2017

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By Winey Mum

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