About the Winey Kids family

About the Winey Kid Family
Winey Kids

Learn all about Winey Kids, who we are and the adventures we have.

Winey Kids inspires families to explore and enjoy wine regions. We are a family of 4 (the Winey Mum, Winey Dad, Winey Kid and Winey Baby) who share our adventures with our followers. We live in the beautiful McLaren Vale wine region about 45 minutes of Adelaide, South Australia. Read on to learn more about Winey Kids!

For parents…

For parents Winey Kids provides ideas, inspiration and tips on visiting Australian wine regions with children in tow. We share information on cellar doors and events in wine regions that are good to attend with children.

We’re fans of good food, good wine, and good company. Since the arrival of our two daughters, we’ve aimed to continue to enjoy the delights wine regions have to offer – but it’s not as easy as it used to be with little peoples needs to consider! Winey Kids isn’t an advocate for making wineries more child-friendly and we have no agenda to do this. What we aim to do however is find and share places that you have a good chance of enjoying, due to their parent-friendly nature!

When we talk about ‘parent-friendly’ we aren’t referring to happy meals or even play areas. Winey Kids respects the beautiful elegance that wine regions offer and want to maintain cellar doors as a great experience for their target audience – adults! So for us, it’s more about recommending places with big lawned areas, bbq facilities or quirky things to explore. Of course it can also include things like provision of high chairs, change tables or even food suitable for little ones.

We hope Winey Kids can provide you with some tips to continue to visit wine regions, even with kids in tow! Life isn’t over when you have kids… it’s only just beginning! It just takes A LOT more planning and strategy!

For the wine industry…

For the wine industry, Winey Kids aims to increase visitation to cellar doors and event attendance by tapping in to a niche market of wine consumers. We undertake both influencer and destination marketing to do this, using a variety of digital and print mechanisms.

We do not conduct reviews, or expect cellar doors to be family-friendly. The important thing to remember about Winey Kids is that we simply celebrate it when we find a cellar door who is family-friendly!

As well as promoting cellar doors to visit with the kids in tow, we also happily promote times when it is good to book a babysitter and enjoy some quality adult time without them!

Follow us on Social Media

Our Winey Kids Facebook page is the place to go if you want regular inspiration for exploring and enjoying wine regions. There you’ll find tips on our favourite cellar doors, a bit of humour, updates and photos of our popular Mummy’s Wine Club events, and more. We even dabble in the occasional live broadcast from a favourite winery!

You can follow the Winey Mum and the Winey Dad on Instagram. We use Instagram to share stuff from our day to day lives, including where we visit and what we’re drinking! Hashtags that we regularly use are

#wineykids (pics of families exploring and enjoying wine regions)
#chezwineykids (we love hanging out at home as much as exploring)
#mummyswineclub (coverage of our events) 
#bookedthebabysitter (sometimes you just need Mum and Dad time!)
#wineymum and #wineydad (get to know us)

From time to time we also use Twitter and Pinterest to share information.

Our Social Responsibility

Winey Kids shares jokes about wine, information about how to enjoy visits to cellar doors with children and even run wine clubs.
All of these activities are done in good faith with an aim to –
  • provide some light humour to Mums and Dads;
  • help reduce isolation and negative mental health;
  • support local business;
  • bring tourism to wine regions;
  • educate our children about agriculture & farming;
  • teach our children how to behave in public places;
  • learn about a variety of tastes and flavours;
  • promote locally grown produce and wine;
  • enjoy time as a family;
  • encourage unstructured play outdoors; and more.

It goes without saying that we shouldn’t be promoting alcohol to our kids.

Winey Kids doesn’t aim to promote a culture of binge drinking, driving whilst under the influence of alcohol, or any kind of alcohol abuse. We do not support the concept of drinking alcohol whilst caring for children.

Please ALWAYS designate a driver; NEVER abuse alcohol in front of children (or ever for that matter); and ALWAYS seek help if you feel your alcohol consumption is getting out of control.

It is our responsibility as parents to be good role models to our children. 

Awarded Bronze for Destination Marketing by SATC. Best New Business – McLaren Vale Regional Awards. As seen in SA Life, Fleurieu Living Magazine, Glam Adelaide, The Advertiser, The Australian, Messenger Press, On the Coast, McLaren Vale Visitor Information Guide. Work shared by Tourism Australia & Gourmet Traveller.

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